Video Kickstarter: Proven Steps and Templates To Create The Right Product


Introduction: A brief overview about creating the right product.


Failing to plan it planning to fail. Making sure that you have your goals from your podcast clear before we move on is important. In this session you will learn about the different reasons why you podcast and how this is important to understanding when planning future aspects of the show!

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    Finding Your Niche

    Make sure to do all of the required steps as this will give you full clarity for the upcoming steps.

Niche down until it hurts! Too many people think that Business or Health is a niche. They aren't and to succeed in this game and build a name for yourself and get raving fans we need to find out exactly what that is. Even if you think you have your niche perfected please still watch this video as it will give you some great points to think about. This section and the Avatar section are super important to set a solid foundation for everything else.


Your avatar is what you will base everything around so spend some time on this section. You want to know everything about the person who will be listening to your show. The more you know the more laser focused your show will be. You will be able to publicise, advertise and sell easier.


You know have your niche and avatar. Make sure when you watch this next session about deciding about your show structure you take into consideration your niche and avatar. There are pro's and con's to all styles and you need to take them into consideration when designing your show. Every step is one step closer to launching and taking shape so keep up the good work.


Time to give your show some ownership. Start telling your friends you will be releasing a show call 'The <Insert Name> Podcast' trust me it feels awesome to get a name. This session takes you through how to name your show and also getting catch phrases and more to give your show its own style and character.


As discussed in the podcast here is the video on the

8 quick steps from producing to publishing.