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Learn the power of podcasting and why the next 12 months is such an exciting time in the podcasting space. Discover why your business needs a podcast to grow its reach and create loyal raving fans.

Learn about what a podcast really is. This session dives into what podcasting is and once you understand this you will quickly see the power of it in your business and brand marketing.

Check out the 5 HUGE reasons why podcasting is blowing up. The growth has been huge with now 1 in 5 people in the USA listening to Podcasts monthly. This is up 7% in the last 18 months alone and is not looking like slowing.

There are riches in the niches so they say. That is just as true in the podcasting industry as any other. In this episode learn how to niche down until you find gold.

An avatar is not the blue thing off the movies. Check out this episode to find out why crafting your own avatar is the most important step when creating a podcast.

Having now defined the Niche and Avatar. It is now time to put some ownership on this show. Lets give it a name. Learn the tactics around creating a great name.

Learn the top 4 reasons why some people never launch. I hear the some questions, complaints and issues day in day out. Learn how to overcome them to launch successfully.

Quality is paramount. In this episode I delve deep into how you can put out high quality shows on a shoe string budget. You can get started and launch a show for under $60.

It's time to launch. Check out the 8 steps to produce and publish a show. Also don't forget to check out the website for a video walkthrough.

Media hosting will make your life much easier. I will discuss how, why and which one to use in this episode.

Want to have a successful launch. Well this is the episode for you. All the hard work has been done to create an amazing show now learn the systems to launch successfully.

Learn my 5 best secrets that I have used to grow a large loyal following fast. I used these strategies when I launched in a new industry with no followers. All of my students have done the same.

So we have the show ready for launch. Why not do what I did and make $$$ from day one. Check out these 5 strategies to funnel your podcast into your bank account (ethically)

Join me for a sneak peak into the Podcast Institute and learn why my students continue to get #1 ranking shows that grow and how they funnel it back into their business.