The 5 Reasons You Need Your Own Podcast in 2017

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Podcasting is no longer something for the technologically advanced. Over the last 2 years it has become a household staple. 2017 and beyond is going to be no different. Podcasting has been deemed the ‘Netflix of Radio’ with users gaining content on demand.

Here are the 5 reasons you need a podcast in 2017.


#1: Podcasting is booming.

Twenty-four percent of Americans (or a tad over 60 million) listened to a podcast within the last month. Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 and 2016 this trend is expected to continue at a rate of knots into 2017.

More Americans listen to podcasts than use Twitter or listen to Spotify each month.

The growth in smartphone technology, as well as iPhones offering a native podcast app, helped to lead the change. We still haven’t seen the full effects of the inclusion podcasts to of Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more has done for podcasting. With these ongoing changes, the growth of the audience is still enormous.


#2 Podcast Growth is Being Driven by Mobility

We live a life on the go and podcasting suits this lifestyle to a T. Listeners gravitating toward podcasts on the go opens up many more opportunities for consumption, including in the car, at the gym, and other computer-free environments.

Pre 2013 the majority of podcasts were listened to via computers. Next was the introduction of the Podcast app pre-installed on all apple products. Late 2016 saw the introduction of podcasts to Spotify and Google Play Music saw two previously under represented markets introduced to podcasting.

Even your car now has the ability to be one click away from being a personalised radio station, with apple car play and android auto. Imagine being able to build trust, show expertise and gain customers, followers and fans an hour every day on your target markets commute.

In 2016 it’s a much different story:

64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet.

Podcast listeners get hooked. Those in the UK and Australia listening to over 5 hours per week.

#3 It’s now easier than ever to get started

With the improvements in technology podcasting is no longer something for those with high tech recording studios. Podcasters are now starting and growing shows for as little as $60 and from the comfort of their own home or offices.

Get this cheatsheet on the tools to get a show started for less than $60.


#4 No faster way to position yourself as an authority.

Having the ability to network with industry leaders, celebrities and icons is a brilliant way to social proof your way to the top and begin the journey to being the go to authority in your space.

Better yet you have an open microphone to display your expertise in this space and quickly allow people to know like and trust you which will eventually lead to raving fans and loyal customers.


Within the space of 6 months of launching my first podcast I went from completely unknown in the entrepreneurial space to a go to authority. This lead to joint venture business opportunities, international speaking engagements, media exposure and connections with well-known industry experts.

These things plus so many other intangibles have been mine and countless others personal fast track to success.

#5 There is money to be made!

There are countless ways to generate new or enhance current revenue streams within your business from podcasting.

Whether you have your own products, services or training Podcasting is an amazing platform to highlight your knowledge and expertise.

Even if you don’t have any of the above you can ride this wave and create quality content and a loyal fan base and promote other businesses with podcast ads.

For 2017, Bridge Ratings forecasts $207 million in podcast ad revenue.

What piece of that pie do you need to 10X your current business?

The best time to start is NOW

Victor Ahipene is host of the Youngpreneurs Podcast which went to #1 in 6 different countries and also founder of The Podcast Institute the Premier Training program to take you from Unknown to Authority FAST with the power of podcasting.